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If I have nothing to do, which is rare, I visit some of my favourite blogs to catch up on what’s new or find some titbit that may help me earn more traffic, do something that has to be done more efficiently, etc.. Today was just that sort of day. I happened upon a post by Tim Soulo, titled: How Bloggers Manipulate You and Why I No Longer Trust Blogs With Price Tags On Them.

I felt compelled to comment, and it ended up being much longer than I intended. Tim may not even approve it since it goes a bit against the grain, but what I wrote is what I believe are the only guaranteed ways to make money online. Since I was please with my comment, I thought I’d post it here to share with my readers.

I think most everyone that is first starting out as a web marketer falls for a scam or two. I did. However, I was fortunate enough to claw back what I lost once the credit card issuer finally reversed the purchase. Ironically, the “license to print money system” came with a 100% money back guarantee, but it was worth even less than the information I was sold. This experience soured me to pretty much every “money making system” I have heard of since then, and that was decades ago.

MLM isn't a money maker for the majority of participants... or should I say victims!
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What’s sad is that there are probably a lot of really good products and tutorials out there that deserve to have my participation, but don’t get it because they’re being marketed to someone who’s already been burned. I assume I am not alone, and that my thinking is shared by many. After all, no one but a fool pats a dog that’s already bitten them, right?

I’m sure I’ve passed on a lot of promising opportunities because I don’t know what the secret is to telling the difference between the scams from the gold. What I do, and have been doing for decades, is avoid anything that smacks of MLM or network marketing, and focus on merchandising my own products and services. I also sell banner ad space on my blogs and websites, usually by the month and for as little as $5, to as much as $20 depending on traffic numbers. I appreciate that doesn’t sound like much, but every site I have generates at least $1 a day, and I have a lot of websites and blogs. Of course I display Google Adsense banners wherever I don’t have a paying advertiser renting the spot. I also promote affiliate programs, but only if people I know to be clever are promoting them on their own blogs and websites, and then only if I find no negative reviews of the company. So, if I were ever asked for a 100% guaranteed way to make money online, I guess I would be recommending doing what I do because I know it works.

If you have a different approach to make money that is working for you, or if you disagree with anything I say, don’t be shy… comment!

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