A 100% Guaranteed Web Profit At No Cost – No Thanks!

This is a real life situation that I shared on Facebook, but think it needs wider exposure…

It's raining money!

Money will never rain down on you unless you’re a stripper!

Someone asked me for my recommendation as to a 100% guaranteed way to make money online without investing anything other than time and effort. The person asking is a single parent living on social assistance while raising her kids. She’d already spent hundreds of dollars on secret income systems, sure fire money making programs, and get rich quick schemes promising she’d be raking in the riches in a matter of days. Single moms abandoned and left holding the bag are a weakness of mine, so I offered my advice free of charge.

I said, “Do what I do. Set your expectation within the realm of what’s achievable and forget going for a home run your first time up to bat . Home runs may happen, but focus only on hitting the ball to get on base.”

Not a baseball player, nor very bright, I had to spell it out for my student. “Focus on products and services you can promote online that are provided by someone willing to pay you a percentage or flat fee for the referral. It’s called affiliate marketing. Set your sights on what will earn you a dollar a day when promoted through a single blog or website. Build 100+ websites and you’ll have your guaranteed, 100% web based income with only your time and effort invested.”

Her response, “That’s way too much work!”

Her emails now go directly to my junk folder. The moral of this story is, “If you’ll not invest the time or effort to succeed, you’re one of the people welfare programs were set up for.”

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  1. Amazing isn’t it? How some people are not willing to put in the time or effort needed to build a business, or anything else that will change their life.

    The real shame though is the amount of time and money she had already spent and wasted and not realizing that the same energy could now be used to build a viable business without the cost.

    Love the caption under the image! Funny.


  2. Donald, thanks for commenting. Yeah, there’s so much hyping misinformation out there, actually putting in time and effort is deemed unnecessary by the gullible masses. That is, until they inevitably fail, become discouraged and accept that a life on social assistance or flipping burgers is their ultimate destiny.

    As for the comment, it was hype I saw on one of those “get rich quick” scamming squeeze pages… “You too can have money raining down on you!” or such such drivel. The first thought that popped into my head was, “Hey, they’re looking to hire strippers!” How could I not use it as a lead in to a blog post or article?

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