4 Ways To Promote Your Blog on Twitter

Blog IconThe time you invest to write and publish a blog post could easily be wasted if you don’t promote it effectively. One of the most effective and cost efficient means of promoting your blog is through social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and so on. My personal favourite is Twitter.

The competition for blog readers is growing daily. At one time, simply updating a blog’s contents regularly with quality, search engine optimized post was enough to assure bloggers a level of success. Now however, a blog needs to be regularly updated, properly optimized, and effectively promoted to attract an audience and generate the large number of visitors needed to make your investment of time profitable.

One of the most cost effective means of promoting your blog is through social media networks, such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, and so on. The easiest of all social media sites to use as a promotional tool, and one of the most effective is Twitter. I may not always have time to post updates to Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, StumbledUpon, etc. but I will always tweet notification of my newest blog post.

Obviously, if you have a lot of Twitter followers tweeting a link to your more resent blog post can earn you a lot of traffic. However, even if your reach is limited, Twitter can still boost your traffic count. A quality post relating to a topic of wide appeal can be passed on by your followers who retweet it, making it possible for your blog post to be read by thousands of people.

The following are five ways you can promote a new blog post, get more Twitter followers, and increase the amount of re-tweets, all resulting in an increase in traffic to your blog.

Tweet Blog Posts Selectively

Tweet manually so that it gives you complete control over the timing of your tweets. There are days of the week, times of day, and methods of tweeting that are better for getting clicks on links embedded in tweets. This strategy is explained in, “What, When And How To Tweet“.

The only automation I use to help manage my own and my client’s accounts are TweetDeck and Twitter Unfollowers. The former to monitor my accounts, the latter to manage followers, or more correctly those who do not follow me back or are no longer active on Twitter.

Avoid The Use Of Automated Tools

Time is money, so many bloggers opt for automating as many tasks as possible. Tweeting your blog posts using automated tools is convenient, but may not be as good an idea as it first appears. If you’re trying to connect with new people on Twitter, irritating them with spammy tweets isn’t the approach to use. It takes a mere matter of minutes to log into your Twitter account, type out a tweet and send it, so the argument for needing to automate tweeting it moot.

Another reason I recommend not using automated tools is because they do not respond to interaction with other tweeple when it’s required. If someone replies to your tweet or retweets it, you can only solidify your connection with that person by acknowledging them. A simple reply with “TY for the RT” is enough to pass on your appreciation. It is also all it takes to confirm to the other party that your Twitter account is not automated, a.k.a. Twitter Spam Bots.

Most people serious about promotion using Twitter will tweet followers suspected of being bot driven accounts and delete them if they are. This is because there is no advantage to having tens of thousands of bogus, bot managed accounts as followers because bots do not read tweets, they send them. On the other hand, a few hundred, or thousand real people following you that actually read your tweets and interact are gold. Ironically, there are bot accounts with hundreds of thousands of followers, most of which are other bot accounts, resulting in an exchange of tweets that no one ever sees.

Encourage Followers to Read Your Posts

Prompting your Twitter followers to read your posts isn’t easy. There are literally millions of tweets being send out every minute of every day and the vast majority of them are spam tweets. The shear volume of tweets push your message off your followers’ timelines in a matter of seconds.

The solution is to include an incentive for your followers to look for your tweets specifically. Finding a specific Twitter user’s tweets can be accomplished by watching for them on your timeline, by searching for them using the Twitter search function, or by visiting a twitter account directly. I find the best incentive is to add a real value for the follower to read my tweets. Value need not be expensive, but obviously a cash value is the best incentive. However, savings too are considered value. For example, whenever I drive past a gas station with lower prices than anywhere else, I tweet the name, location and price. Saving money on gas is of value to everyone, and if the savings is significant my tweet is retweeted over and over again. Of course I always include “courtesy of MYBLOG.com”. Twitter will always turn anything with a dot com into a hyperlink.

Be creative when it comes to making your tweets the ones your followers seek out. I sometimes offer to create a banner free of charge for one of the Twitter followers that leaves a comment on the post I’m promoting. Whenever I get sent Google Adword coupon I offer them to a randomly selected Twitter follower who either responds to my Tweet offering the coupon or posts a comment where I instruct them to. If you spend some time thinking about what you can offer you Twitter followers, you’ll come up with ideas for offerings that will appeal to hundreds of them. You need not come up with a single offer that will appeal to every Twitter follower you have, which would probably be impossible anyway, unless it were cash. The goal is to have your followers know that reading your tweets will occasionally provide them with something of value, so they ‘ll faithfully read them.

No matter what promotion you come up with, tie it in with your blog. For example, require your Twitter followers to click on a link in your tweet and then comment on a blog post using a specific phrase. Of course first make sure you have comments set to be viewable only when approved so you can delete them once your promotional offer is over and thus they are not seen publicly  I sometimes use a simple reply form buried in my blog where only Twitter followers clicking on the link in my tweets will end up visiting. My goal is to get people using Twitter to visit my blog in the hope some become regular visitors or subscribe to my RSS feeds.

Publicize Your Blog Link

Place a link to your blog in your bio on Twitter. Most people waste this vital resource by putting no link at all in their bio, which appears at the top of their Twitter page. Others who do take advantage of the opportunity to include a back link on their Twitter account page think they’re limited to one link. Actually you can include more links, but it’s recommended to limit it to two. Too many links on your profile looks spammy, and potential followers may think following you will result in them getting even more spam tweets. As a visual example, check out my personal Twitter account @lenbowcott for how I recommend using your Twitter profile to publicize your blog or blogs.

Twitter is also a great platform for publicizing your blog by embedding your link in every Tweet. Of course for this you need a short domain name. That said, I do not recommend using a shortened URL for two reasons; 1. You want to brand your blog domain name whenever and wherever possible. 2. A growing number of Twitter users distrust shortened URLs because they often lead to spam, virus downloads, inappropriate content, or phishing pages.


I hope you find these four Twitter marketing tips for promoting your blog useful. What I recommend doing to enhance Google page rank, generate more traffic, grow organic traffic, etc. is what I myself do for my own websites and blogs, or do on behalf of my clients.

You may be wondering why I would freely pass on the very same knowledge I make my living with. The answer is simple. My clients do not have the time to personally manage their own SEO or social media marketing, nor do they have knowledgeable manpower available in house to assign to the task so they hire someone. By helping others learn how they can improve traffic to their sites, I’m also stating to potential clients that I know what I’m doing and telling them what I can do on their behalf should my services be engaged.

If you’re seeking someone to assist with, or completely manage your social media marketing, banner advertising, PPC campaign, affiliate marketing program, assist in developing an overall web marketing strategy, or simply offer the occasional consultancy, please contact me at el_jay_bee@hotmail.com.

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