Jan 14

3 Things You Must Do Create Income From Home

bag-of-moneyI want to share with you 3 steps to creating an income part-time from home. It’s going to be VERY simple. However, simplicity is “key” when you’re trying to build a business online. Once you have mastered these 3 steps… you can literally decide “right now” how much money you will make.

So let’s dive into it:

This process is really easy. You only need to know 3 things. You need to know what products or services are available to promote. You need to know where you can find advertising opportunities. And you need to build a list of subscribers. That’s it! Continue reading →

Oct 13

Create A Marketing Plan For You Blog

Blog copywriterBack in the day you got the word out about your business with a text listing or a display ad in the yellow pages. You could pay extra for a bigger ad or include color, but neither option guaranteed you a space at the top of the fist page of your business heading. Some business owners tried to get their listing at the top of the listings by including the letter “A” as the first part of their business name, leading to a half dozen business names like AAA Acme Whatever under each heading. Continue reading →

Sep 13

What Are Your Options To Make Money Online

Money Money Money

Making Money

There are multiple options for you to earn money online. There are in fact so many options that you may not be able to decide as to which is better for you. Therefore, while choosing an option, you will have to make sure that you have knowledge regarding the basics. If you have a part time job, it would be better for you to choose the money making options that do not require you to devote full day to it. Same is the case if you are into a full time job. On the other hand, if you have no job at all, you can choose the options which may need you to devote your whole day. Another thing which you’ll have to consider before choosing one of the making money online options is the authenticity of the organization you are becoming involved with. Continue reading →

Aug 13

Knowingly Paying Millions For Fakes – Demand For Fake Twitter Followers Is Massive

Fake twitter accounts and followersFake Twitter followers made headlines during Mitt Romney’s bid for the oval office, when his Twitter following jumped by 100,000 in just days. It wasn’t due to popularity, but rather an example of the fake Twitter follower phenomenon. Buying phony Twitter followers was a public relations disaster for Mitt Romney, but helpful to online marketers using social media. The Romney campaign debacle making news headlines inspired a number of companies, such as StatusPeople and SocialBakers, to develop tools that help determine what percentage of a person’s Twitter followings are fake. If you’re going to be having people pass on your message to their followers for a fee, you want to know those followers actually exist so these analytical tools will be helpful. Continue reading →

Jul 13

SEO For Artists’ Blogs And Websites

SEO-Services-Pic1Artists selling, or simply showing their art online are in the same boat as the mom selling her homemade jams, or the owner of a moving company seeking customers. No matter who is using the web as a showplace or a market place, they need the same thing, visitors to their website or blog.

To get traffic to a website, any website, requires that people know it exists. There are an estimated 300 billion websites currently active, so the competition to be found online is massive. There are only two ways to do so, one is to purchase traffic using advertising or having traffic redirected to your website. The other is to bring your website to the attention of search engines that will, in turn, bring it to the attention of people searching for content similar to what you have on your website. Continue reading →

Apr 13

A 100% Guaranteed Web Profit At No Cost – No Thanks!

This is a real life situation that I shared on Facebook, but think it needs wider exposure…

It's raining money!

Money will never rain down on you unless you’re a stripper!

Someone asked me for my recommendation as to a 100% guaranteed way to make money online without investing anything other than time and effort. The person asking is a single parent living on social assistance while raising her kids. She’d already spent hundreds of dollars on secret income systems, sure fire money making programs, and get rich quick schemes promising she’d be raking in the riches in a matter of days. Single moms abandoned and left holding the bag are a weakness of mine, so I offered my advice free of charge. Continue reading →

Feb 13

4 Ways To Promote Your Blog on Twitter

Blog IconThe time you invest to write and publish a blog post could easily be wasted if you don’t promote it effectively. One of the most effective and cost efficient means of promoting your blog is through social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and so on. My personal favourite is Twitter. Continue reading →

Jan 13

The Only 100% Guaranteed Way To Make Money Online!

If I have nothing to do, which is rare, I visit some of my favourite blogs to catch up on what’s new or find some titbit that may help me earn more traffic, do something that has to be done more efficiently, etc.. Today was just that sort of day. I happened upon a post by Tim Soulo, titled: How Bloggers Manipulate You and Why I No Longer Trust Blogs With Price Tags On Them.

I felt compelled to comment, and it ended up being much longer than I intended. Tim may not even approve it since it goes a bit against the grain, but what I wrote is what I believe are the only guaranteed ways to make money online. Since I was please with my comment, I thought I’d post it here to share with my readers. Continue reading →

Jan 13

Creating A Marketable eBook

eBook iconWhen it comes to web marketing, bloggers know that to succeed they must have something to sell. Most bloggers opt to sell other people’s products or services, earning a small percentage of the purchase price, or being paid a flat rate for each sale. The correct term to describe such online marketers is “resellers”, and there is a better way! Continue reading →

Dec 12

Your Blog Theme May Be Affecting Your SEO Negatively

I’ve been toying with different blog themes and page layouts and made a discovery that may be costing you when it comes to search engine optimization. Worse, if you’re using Google Adsense to monetize your blog, a change in layout or format may also be costing you money. Continue reading →